Children in Need – First Place Training Bedford

Joining in the spirit of Children in Need, staff at Bedford First Place Training, ever eager to dress up – came to work in a variety of interesting outfits.

Our learners were less enthusiastic about dressing up but did appear to enjoy the colour and humour of the costumes.

Donations were made and we made a total of £32.00 for Children in Need.

Fiona flung together an outfit which would have put Johnny Depp to shame in Pirates of the Caribbean.    Ben wore his Reindeer Onesie and kept the hood up most of the day.  Judith as St George chanting “I’m handsome, I’m brave, I am the best!  I even have a hairy chest”.

Darshan shone as a ghostbuster in her brilliant white industrial overall.  Tyanne looked coy in her school uniform complete with freckles on her face.  Luke wore his onesie and at times fought for air as he zipped it up to the tip of his head.  Clutching his beloved SpongeBob he rattled the donation tin throughout the day.

The causes that are supported by Children in Need are amazing and we should continue to support in bigger and better ways.

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